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CBD or cannabidiol has turned to become the new superstar in the health industry, with people from all over coming to pick the sweet fruit of benefits that CBD offers. The plethora of benefits ranges from curbing arthritis and inflammation to reducing nightmares and helping with better sleep!

An all-in-one organic medicine that can turn the tides in your favor! Our focus today is on CBD products, especially CBD edibles; what makes them tick, the pros and the cons! So keep at it and read on!

Understanding CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol is one of the several hundreds of active ingredients that you can find if you were to extract cannabis plant. All these ingredients are classified under what is called “cannabinoids” that include THC and Flavonoids among many others. It is not only from marijuana that CBD can be extracted, as hemp seed plant is also another source. CBD has been facing stark lash back all kudos to a misconception that people are attaching to it: That, consuming CBD is no different than consuming marijuana! You cannot be further from the truth. Marijuana is a composition of hundreds of compounds with CBD being just one of them!

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that, unlike its cousins does not create the feeling of euphoria and giddiness. That award goes solely to THC! THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance that even if present in CBD products, makes up less than 0.3%! That isn’t enough to get you high even in your worst hours!

How Does CBD Sway Its Magic Wand?

CBD does its magic by reacting with the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is an elementary and essential system that exists in all mammals and controls a range of function from sleep all the way to appetite! The body creates its own cannabinoids that react with the neuron receptors of the ECS. The CBD does the exact same thing!

The CBD will interact with two main receptors in the ECS, namely CB1 and CB2 receptors. The interaction causes a range of favorable effects including pain relief, controlling excess inflammation, in calming down nerves and reducing anxiety, to allow for deeper, higher quality sleep that leaves you well rested and refreshed in the morning! These are only scratching the surface, as the CBD is used to complement chemotherapy for cancer patients as well!

Pros Cons
Steady, constant dose of CBD Lower Bioavailability
Long lasting (more than 6 hours) Less effective after a heavy fatty meal
Very Easy to administer Takes longer to work (>2 Hours)

The CBD Edible

The flexibility of CBD products are far and wide. The finished product may be in the form of tincture, or lotion, to salves and oil to vape. Different CBD products are apt for different ailments. So it is important to intake the CBD so as to milk out the maximum benefits from it!

The CBD vape is for those patients that want quick relief from pain, not for those who want prolonged effects. A quick hit, and then out! That is where CBD edibles jump into the action!

CBD edibles as the name suggests are taken orally. Once the edibles are ingested, they persist in your system and slowly work its way through your digestive system. If you have had fatty or fiber-rich foods, then beware as the nutrients of the edibles can be absorbed, severely lowering the effectiveness of the edible. The effectiveness of the CBD product is determined from its Bioavailability. Bioavailability of the CBD is expressed in percentages and tells you how much of the CBD you took actually ended up being used to benefit you.  CBD edibles have a bioavailability of 6-10% compared to the 35-40% bioavailability if you were to smoke/ vape the CBD. But another plus of taking edibles is that you don’t have to bear with the harshness on the lungs!

The CBD edibles take up to 2-3 hours to begin working into your bloodstream. But the upside to this is that it allows you to get your things in order before the action kicks in. You can take CBD when you’re about to have dinner, and by the time you’re about to sleep, you are relaxed and ready to hit the sack and slip into nirvana! That is pretty neat, right?!

What more, the effect of the edibles last for well over 6 hours! If you want a constant, steady dose of CBD to be delivered to your bloodstream, then CBD edibles are the way to go. You can also add the CBD edibles to your everyday cooking! You can infuse it to olive oil that you can use to make pasta, or make chocolate brownies that has the goodness of chocolate and CBD all wrapped up in one!

CBD edibles are perfect for when you’re at work or at a function and want something to ease yourself. CBD benefits far outweigh CBD’s side-effects and irrespective of what way you take it, there’s no arguing that CBD cannot change your life!

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